Better Technology for Better Schools


AtlasIED is a technology company providing schools with solutions that improve daily communications, critical alerts, and assist in achieving successful student outcomes. We understand the challenges facing K12 schools and districts and can provide the solutions to solve those problems. Whether your school needs a new PA or paging system, improved acoustics in large or loud classrooms, upgraded intercom, or a completely updated and compliant emergency communications network, AtlasIED offers the hardware, software, and expertise to help school administrators, technologists, and security leaders create better, safer schools.

How our systems work

Inside the classroom, within a whole building, or throughout an entire campus, AtlasIED communication technologies create an effective, safe, and secure environment. Daily communications systems such as Unified Communications / VoIP call platforms, intercom, public address, paging, digital signage, and even voice lift in the classroom become more capable, reliable, and effective with the ability to integrate with emergency and life safety systems used in schools such as fire alarm, security, gunshot detection, and access control.

Solutions For Educational Institutions

Daily Communications
Emergency Communications
Voice Lift/ Voice Amplification
Specialty & Outdoor Spaces

Proven and tested by leading communications technology companies to support open standards-based platforms commonly used in education institutions that easily and affordably expand and enhance their mass communications systems with new, innovative solutions.

Download “10 Reasons Why School Administrators Should Consider IP Endpoints as Integrated Technology for Emergency Preparedness.”

Let Us Design It For You

AtlasIED’s team of experts can design a solution specifically to your space and requirements. Whether it’s a district wide communications system or voice lift for a noisy classroom, AtlasIED will design it for you.