Forest Hills Public Schools

Grand Rapids, MI

School District Upgrade

SVT Technology Services and Solutions chose AtlasIED products when upgrading the sound systems across Forest Hills Public School District in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The new systems can be controlled via network computers or tablets and provide consistent functionality across the entire district.

Alexandria Senior High School

Alexandria, LA

Football Stadium

The audio system at Alexandria Senior High School’s 3,000-seat football stadium did not have the horsepower, coverage, or full range of frequencies to provide spectators with a quality experience. It needed a complete system overhaul that was capable of covering every seat, simple operation, and enduring harsh heat and humidity. View the full case study.

Johnson County Community College

Overland Park, KS

Daily Communications

Johnson County Community College chose GLOBALCOM®.IP as the fastest and most efficient method to distribute daily communications throughout the campus, to a single classroom, or to a remote campus 15 miles away.

Emergency Notifications

GLOBALCOM®.IP is used to distribute emergency alerts in a variety of formats to as many as 15,000 students across a 400 acre campus with more than 20 buildings.

Freeport High School

Freeport, IL


Freeport High School required a system upgrade for better game time audio performance. They wanted an aesthetically pleasing system with excellent sound reinforcement and flexibility to address the different audio requirements for various events hosted in the space.

Athletic Complex

After the successful upgrade of their gym sound system, Freeport High School sought a new sound system for their sports field. The outdoor field required weather-proof, high-output speakers with excellent speech and music reproduction capability. At the same time, the new system required easy operation from the press box with mobile system control.

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