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Both teachers and students benefit from audio communication technologies in the classroom. A voice lift system, using microphones, speakers, and amplifiers, can reduce common voice fatigue and create an environment where students are more attentive, with improved comprehension and behavior.

Campus & Buildings

Throughout an entire campus and within each building, existing network infrastructure can be leveraged to offer visual and audio information integrating systems such as intercoms, public address, digital signage, and more, and providing additional ADA compliance and expanded coverage.


In the event of an emergency, a well-designed unified communications network leverages non-emergency systems to automate external and on-premise communications, extend coverage, and assist in providing clear, coherent, and compliant communications reducing potential for human error and ensuring consistency and reliability.

Outdoor & Specialty Spaces

Multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums, and outdoor spaces pose unique acoustical challenges. Audio and communications systems designed to be used in these spaces, can provide more than just paging, public address, and music. They can also be integrated into a unified communications network to increase coverage and effectiveness for emergency alerts.

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